Program Description

Jorge Arce and the Humano Multicultural Project will give audiences of all ages an opportunity for a unique exploration of Puerto Rican and Afro-Caribbean culture. Jorge presents music, dances, lore, stories and history handed down for over two centuries.

Afro-Caribbean Workshop – Multi Media Performance Program:

    • 90 minute basic time
    • Stage with lighting
    • Dance and Mime with costumes
    • Over 25 Instruments on Display
    • Arno Peter Projection Map
    • flags
    • Workshops include slides, maps and percussion instruments from the Caribbean
    • Demo video Afro-Caribbean Workshop 2 minutes

Jorge Arce and Raiz de Plena – Concerts and Comparsa Boricua Parades:

  • Pre parade and event pandero percussion, plena dance and masquerader mask making workshops enhance participation:
    • Demo video from 2011 Christmas Party at Boston Convention Center – “Christmas” by Jorge Arce © 2006
    • Demo video from Two-month Puerto-Rican-Plena Music and Dance Workshop at Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, South End, Boston. It culminated in a Street-Parade and Main Stage performance at the 2013 Betances Festival by Raíz de Plena with workshop participants. Background music by Raíz de Plena: ”Bailala” (Dance it) Composer: Rafael Concepción © 2006 plena arranged by Jorge Arce © 2006.
    • Over 1,000 appearances at colleges, conferences, schools, arts centers, fairs, weddings and community centers throughout the Northeast, United States and Puerto Rico
    • Stage Plot with Technical Requirements for 10 Musicians

  • Bomba Boricua – Dance Festivals, Concerts and Folkloric Master Lecture Demonstrations and Workshops
    • Performance Dance Troup Ensemble of 12-20 Master Bomba Dancers, Musicians and Singers.
    • World renown Folkloric dance choreography by Master Bomba Dancer Robert Cepeda, Jorge Santiago Arce and guest artists.
    • Dynamic stage craft with colorful traditional dresses, instruments, songs with call and response choruses.
    • Audience participation elements.
    • Pre performance master workshops and lecture demonstrations enhance impact of program.

  • Master Percussion and Master Dance Workshop Series (1-5 two hour classes)
    • Master percussion workshops explore Puerto Rican Plena and Bomba history and rhythms, with live drumming, hands-on use of Plena Panderos, Guiro, Seguidor, Banao and Quinto instruments, Bomba Cuá, Maraca, Buleador, and Primo instruments, plus recorded music, Arno Peters Map of the World and videos. Students learn about the Plena and Bomba claves and rhythm variations like Sicá, Yubá, Holande, Cuembé, Danué, Bambule, and Hoyo Mula.
    • Demo video – World Masters of Percussion Workshop at the American Folk Festival in Bangor
    • Master Dance Class students examine, learn and experience dances from the four Islands of the Caribbean and their music forms: “Bomba & Plena” from Puerto Rico, “Merengue” from Dominican Republic, “Compa” from Haiti and “Songo” from Cuba.  Dance Through Times Residence includes all above with choreographies, live drumming and percussion, recorded music, Arno Peters Map of the World plus Final Class Presentation with costumes.
    • Demo video – Master Dance Class for Purdue University Black Cultural Center
  • Audience Involvement is keystone to performances and workshops given by Jorge with participants joining in on drums, rhythm instruments, stories, dances, call and response chants.

Jorge Arce received his Master of Education Degree from Harvard University in 1994. Arce is listed in Who’s Who, 1984-85. He has received numerous awards, including: the Cardinal Cushing Center Award for Outstanding Services to the Community 1987; the Alianza Hispana Recognition for Outstanding Contributions to the Continuing Growth and Success of the Hispanic Community 1991; the Mayor’s Recognition to Outstanding Contributions to the City of Boston, 1991; the Massachusetts House of Representatives Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts, 1991; and the Dryslongo Award for years given consistently to anti-racism struggle, 1992. His musical group Humano was awarded the Boston Music Award for Outstanding Latin Act, 1990.

Jorge was recognized as a 2012 Traditional Arts Fellowship Finalist by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. He received The Boston Foundation’s BROTHER THOMAS FELLOWSHIP 2019, and the  2020 Excellency Award and Recognition (including City’s Official Key and Banner) by the City of Ponce, PR.


Photo Credit: Stephen Baird