Jorge Arce was honored with the invitation to be included in a community mural  together with his daughter, actress, playwright and “Bomba” dancer, Charmaine Santiago, by the Uruguayan visual artist Roberto Chao. In addition, Roberto gave Jorge (Also a visual artist) the opportunity to fix his own face, to paint his daughter, the face and hands of Omara Portuondo, a legendary Cuban singer and the face of Jazz-legend Trumpet player, Myles Davis. On Saturday, November 5, 2022, the mural was celebrated by the community pm to 3 pm, organized and sponsored by Hyde Square Task Force. Jorge’s dance troupe Bombazo Boricua concluded the celebration. To visit the site go Google for Map: “The Mozart Park” @10 Mozart St (& Center St), Jamaica Plain, Boston, 02130.

Jorge Arce painting his daughter Cahrmaine Santiago
Omara Portuondo, legend Cuban singer, painted by Jorge Arce.
Face of legend Jazz Trumpet player, Myles Davis, painted by Jorge Arce
L to R visual artist Roberto Chao from Uruguay, painter, designer and director of the community mural and Jorge Santiago Arce’s daughter actress-dancer Charmaine Santiago
Jorge Arce fixing the female dancer, accompanied by Roberto Chao, designer and main visual artist and community artist  Roxana, from Brazil.